Expo SDK 45

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Expo SDK 45

Here are some of the new updates in Expo 45:

Updated UI for Expo Go. The new Expo Go UI includes a more modern design language, streamlined access to your organization’s projects, and deeper EAS Update integration with the ability to open specific updates from a branch.

Revamped Clipboard and WebBrowser modules in rewrite to the new Sweet API.

Moved expo-cryptoexpo-randomexpo-haptics and expo-localization to JSI. We also added support for sampling audio frames to expo-av, powered by JSI. Here’s a great example of what you can do with it, via @barthap10 (who also built most of this feature).

Easier control over excluding permissions included by Android libraries. You can now easily add blocked permissions for Android using android.blockedPermissions in your app.json or app.config.js. This will use the tools:node="remove" XML attribute on a permission node to remove permissions in a merged manifest.

More runtime version validation. Runtime versions may not be decimal numbers ending in “0”, like “1.10”. This ensures that Android’s weakly typed configuration files won’t silently truncate the trailing “0” if it interprets your app’s runtime version as a floating-point number.

Bumped Android compileSdkVersion to 31 and Java 11.

React Native 0.68. This React Native release is the first with support for the New Architecture, but like nearly all libraries in the ecosystem, we don’t yet support it for Expo modules with view managers. We plan to roll out support this summer. At Expo we are very excited for what the New Architecture can do to raise the ceiling for what is possible with React Native.

Deprecated many third-party service wrapper libraries in favor of official alternatives with config plugins. The following libraries are now deprecated: expo-ads-admobexpo-analytics-amplitudeexpo-ads-facebookexpo-facebookexpo-google-sign-inexpo-segment. Please refer to the respective documentation pages for suggestions on how to migrate to the recommended alternative libraries. The reason that these libraries are deprecated is that there is no longer any utility in maintaining the Expo versions of these packages, given that the existing libraries maintained by the vendors themselves or the canonical community versions will work perfectly in apps built with EAS Build.

Here you can check all new changes to Expo SDK 45.

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